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Mohsen Khaial is a professional producer and content producer. A large portion of businesses and individuals are approaching their website design and concept incorrectly. Websites are digital billboards that are used to sell products and services. But at the core of it, they’re so much more. Websites are a platform used to tell a story, that guides visitors with a compelling narrative. Many people are missing out on this opportunity and instead have only 2D, lifeless, flat shadows of what their websites could become.

Why Storytelling is Powerful

Stories are in our DNA, says Mohsen Khaial. They’re an immensely powerful medium which humans have used to absorb, manage, understand, convey and communicate information. For thousands of years. It’s one of the oldest ways in which we not only communicate but connect with other people. It’s for this reason that people love and resonate with stories. Stories also act to simplify complex information and elicit emotional responses from those who engage with them.

Storytelling has always been an important role in marketing for Mohsen Khaial. For example, everyone has that one television commercial they remember from when they were a kid that made them cry, or feel happy. It’s this kind of engagement that businesses and marketers should be seeking to replicate and leverage, not only on their websites but through every medium they have at their disposal.

Narrative Content

Storytelling can be conveyed and displayed on many levels. It’s not just about web design and it’s not just about visuals – it’s about everything together. Because the internet and the websites that inhabit it are non-linear, it’s important to use every tool and medium available to craft a compelling narrative. This includes the landing page of your website, the content of your blog posts, the short videos on social media platforms. Every piece of content should support every other piece of content.

“At the end of the day, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” Mohsen Khaial says. “And that’s never been truer than with narrative content.”

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